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Dtm speed dating

Dtm speed dating

But this small-scale printer believes he has found a good niche, offering short-run self-adhesive labels. Digital printing with its possibility to do short runs, appeared interesting, but among the thirty or more makes and models of digital press, which one to choose?

In this price range, there are a number of brands and dtm speed dating very high-performance models. Several times I found a press that seemed just right but which did not have the right converting options. I think that's what first made me look seriously at Primera. But it is the Primera converting unit that really took my fancy.

Dtm speed dating

Very innovative, it comprises coating, die-cutting, matrix rewind and slitting, plus a rewinder for the finished labels. This is very satisfactory and quite sufficient for the quantities we need to print.

Currently Etiq Lyon sells digital labels mostly to its traditional customers.

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We are only just starting, and our objective is to get new business by presenting the wealth of possibilities of the digital label. He dtm speed dating noticed that his colleagues in the region had trouble buying small quantities of labels at a reasonable price.

Having taken delivery of a Primera printing and converting line in Novemberhe now produces labels principally for test marketing, and for export wines. For "emergency" deliveries he has more difficulty, in that his better established competitors generally own their customers' PDF files and — unfairly perhaps but unsurprisingly — they are not inclined to loan them to third parties!

Colette Jullien is not a label converter, and unlike Francis Comberton, has no ambition to become one. Her company, Fragrancielles, makes a range of perfumes based on essential oils, without synthetic ingredients. With about one hundred different products, the labelling is always a problem.

How to have labels that enhance the product and the brand, that show the legally required information batch number, use by date, etc. Colette Jullien found the answer to her prayer with a tabletop colour printer from Primera, the LXe.

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Marie Aubin, the company's owner-manager, found the commissioning of the new printing and converting line very straightforward. Generally we found we did not need lamination.

As for the colours, they stay bright and stand up well to scuffing. The die-cutting is absolutely revolutionary!

We have a lot of PR and marketing agencies among our customers — they are dtm speed dating knocked sideways by the possibility of die-cutting a star, heart-shape or any other form. On the other hand she finds that the temperature of the drying unit, even if it is well regulated, sometimes causes problems with filmic substrates, and that "you can't use any label stock indiscriminately.

The company has a technology partnership agreement with US-based Lexmark that developed the system of laser printing used by the Primera CXe.

The other, smaller Primera label presses use inkjet. Manufactured in the United States, at a time where the US dollar is worth just 67 Euro cents, the Primera equipment and consumables enjoy a substantial price advantage over those of its European competitors.

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Laser technology is now well established, and in comparison with inkjet it has the advantage that there are no ducts to get blocked. As with most equipment manufacturers, Primera requires its customers to use only proprietary toners, and strongly advises the use of only approved substrates supplied via its distributors.

The customer buys the consumables; there is no "click-charge". The choice of substrate has sometimes caused problems particularly with non-LPS-approved filmic materials. This is why Pascal Lambert of LPS stresses, "With our twenty years' experience of substrates, we have approved sixteen no-problem substrates which we hold in stock and can deliver rapidly and in the right width.

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