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New rules for love sex and dating notes

New rules for love sex and dating notes

A promise - even a promise as big as a wedding vow - doesn't mean anything without preparation to back it up.

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In this message, Andy has a "to do" list that will prepare you to one day say "I do" and mean it. But if that is true, why is the pain of sexual sin so deep?

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Because sex is not just physical. It was designed by God to be so much more. In this message, Andy addresses common myths about sex outside of marriage and has two specific challenges going forward.


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Parental guidance is suggested. In this message, Andy explains that Jesus' teachings about honoring women were extremely counter-cultural in the first century.

So Christian men especially need to transform their thinking. And there are two simple steps to start with. This way of thinking creates trouble in our dating lives and sets us up for trouble in marriage.

THE NEW RULES FOR LOVE, SEX & DATING # The Right Person Myth. INTRODUCTION. Look around you. Rules are everywhere. And, generally, rules are. But we make eye contact now. I assured them early on that transparency in matters related to love, sex, and dating wouldn't land them in “time. New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, Weekly Sermon Notes is a Christian Living Resource designed to help you grow in your relationship with.

In this message, Andy challenges us to ask ourselves Am I the person the person I'm looking for is looking for? And he previews God's list of behaviors that will lead to success in dating and marriage.

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