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Mobile dating market growth

Mobile dating market growth

The changing mix of devices and connections and growth in multidevice ownership affects traffic and can be seen in the changing device contribution to total IP traffic. At the end of59 percent of IP traffic and 51 percent of Internet traffic originated from non-PC devices.

The statistic shows the annual growth rate of market volume of China's online dating from to, with estimates until In, the market volume of online dating in China had increased by almost 25 percent compared to the previous year.

Global IP traffic by devices As in the case of mobile networks, video devices can have a multiplier effect on traffic. An Internet-enabled HD television that draws 2 hours of content per day from the Internet would generate as much Internet traffic as an entire household today.

With the growth of video viewing on smartphones and tablets, traffic from these devices is growing as a percentage of total Internet traffic.


Share of PCs to total global Internet traffic will decline to 19 percent bydown from 49 percent in Smartphones will account for 50 percent of total global Internet traffic byup from 23 percent in Figure 5. Global internet traffic by device type The video effect of the devices on the traffic is more pronounced because of the introduction of Ultra-High- Definition UHDor 4K, video streaming.

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This technology has such an effect because the bit rate for 4K video at about 15 to 18 Mbps is more than double the HD video bit rate and nine times more than Standard-Definition SD video bit rate. We estimate that bynearly two-thirds 62 percent of the installed flat-panel TV sets will be UHD, up from 23 percent in Figure 6.

These developments are particularly important because Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America have already exhausted their IPv4 allotments, and Africa is expected to exhaust its allotment by In terms of percentages, 64 percent of all fixed and mobile networked devices will be IPv6-capable byup from 32 percent in Figure 8.

This estimate is based on the capability of the device and the network connection to support IPv6 and is not a projection of active IPv6 connections.

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Mobile-device IPv6 capability is assessed based on OS support of IPv6 and estimations of the types of mobile network infrastructure to which the device can connect 3. Fixed-device IPv6 capability is assessed based on device support of IPv6 and an estimation of the capability of the residential Customer Premises Equipment CPE or business routers to support IPv6, depending on the device end-user segment.

Globally, fixed and mobile network operators are broadly deploying the IPv6 protocol and supporting significant volumes of IPv6 traffic as a percentage of their overall IP traffic. Amid these industry developments, the Cisco VNI forecast is undertaking an effort to estimate the potential IPv6 network traffic that could be generated if a percentage of IPv6-capable devices become actively connected to an IPv6 network, given the estimated global average for monthly traffic per device type.

This initial estimation of potential IPv6 traffic is based on the assumptions that IPv6 device capability, IPv6 mobile dating market growth enablement, and IPv6 network deployment will keep pace with current trends and may even accelerate during the forecast period. Considering the interdependence of these variables, forecast assumptions could be subject to refinement as our analysis continues.

Content providers are also moving to increase the IPv6 enablement of their sites and services. There can be, however, variation depending on the popularity of websites across regions and countries.

Mobile dating market growth

In addition, specific country initiatives and content-provider deployments have positively affected local IPv6 content reachability. Overall, the likelihood that a significant portion of Internet traffic will be generated over IPv6 networks holds considerable opportunity for network operators, content providers, and end users seeking to gain the scalability and growth benefits of IPv6 and enable the Internet of Things IoT.

Projected global fixed and mobile IPv6 traffic forecast, — Trend 3: M2M applications across many industries accelerate IoT growth Internet of Things IoT is no longer a phenomenon, but it has become a prevalent system in which people, processes, data, and things connect to the Internet and each other.

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Globally, M2M connections will grow 2. Global M2M market growth growth Connected home applications, such as home automation, home security and video surveillance, connected white goods, and tracking applications, mobile dating represent 48 percent, or nearly half, of the total M2M connections byshowing the pervasiveness of M2M in our lives Figure Connected car, with applications such as fleet management, in-vehicle entertainment and Internet access, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, navigation, and autonomous driving, will be the fastest-growing industry segment, at a 28 percent CAGR.

Connected cities applications will have the second-fastest growth, at an 26 percent CAGR each.

Global M2M connection growth by industries Although the number of connections is growing 2. The amount of traffic is growing faster than the number of connections because of the increase of deployment of video applications on M2M connections and the increased use of applications, such as telemedicine and smart car navigation systems, which require greater bandwidth and lower latency.

Mobile dating market growth

Global M2M mobile dating market growth growth Trend 4: Applications traffic growth The sum of all forms of IP video, which includes Internet video, IP VoD, video files exchanged through file sharing, video-streamed gaming, and video conferencing, will continue to be in the range of 80 to 90 percent of total IP traffic. Globally, IP video traffic will account for 82 percent of traffic by Figure Global IP traffic by application category The implications of video growth are difficult to overstate.

With video growth.

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