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Relative dating worksheet practice

Relative dating worksheet practice

No reproduction may be made without prior approval from the author Dr. Relative Dating of Geologic Cross-Sections: Cliffs, road cuts, and non-vegetated landscapes allow us glimpses into geology which is often hidden from view. Cliffs and road cuts are "side views" or "geologic cross-sections" of the topography relative dating worksheet practice show the relative positions of various rock layers and structures at a given spot.

Applying the principles of relative dating to these rock exposures also called "outcrops"we can reconstruct the sequence of events that created the geologic features which we see.

Relative dating worksheet practice

Events can be the deposition of a sedimentary layer, the eruption of a lava flow, the intrusion of magma to form a batholith, a fault break in the relative dating worksheet practice that shifts one side relative to the other side and causes an earthquakea fold that bends and distorts rock layers, or any number of other geologic processes.

Just as Sherlock Holmes used his power of observation to decipher the clues to a suspect's past actions, we will let the blemishes and behaviors of the rocks tell us their past story. Am I getting too carried away here?

Remember that relative dating worksheet practice dating involves determining "which came first" rather than "exactly when did this happen. To review our principles of relative dating as applied to such geologic cross-sections, we will make use of a neat learning tool available on the Internet.

Click to access the activities related to the interpretation of geologic sequences. Practice each several times till you get them correct. What principle s of relative dating did you use in order to arrive at your interpretation of the relative timing of each event?

The various sedimentary layers are labeled as B, E, K and W.

Relative age dating practice – Festival Vallenato

The timing of the fault break in the rocks labeled as Q must be included in the sequence of events. The two intrusions are labeled as X and Z; the surrounding rock called the "country rock" is labeled as D. Reconstructing a Regional Geologic Story: We have seen that a cliff or a road cut is a local "geologic cross-section" -- a side view of the geology at one location.

As geologists piece together the information at various outcrops, they can begin to assemble a "geologic map" like a road map of an entire region consisting of many square miles. This map displays the large-scale also called "regional" geologic features they have inferred are present beneath the landscape.

The Society accepts relative dating worksheet practice personal and public materials, relating to the Jewish community of San Diego, either in original form or copies. At the relative dating worksheet practice of the screen you can click on either location to get more information about how to access the collections.

Along with these geologic maps, we can reconstruct a regional geologic cross-section which would be like a great "geologic slice" through the landscape. In the next lab, we will learn how to use local geologic information from outcrops to begin to build such regional geologic maps and geologic cross-sections, but for now we just want to practice how to read them.

Relative Dating

Remember when we drew a relative dating worksheet practice profile for lab manual exercise 1 page 18 on Topographic Maps? We could draw such a profile across several miles of landscape so we would see a side-view of the land's surface over which we might be hiking.

For example, we could use a ruler to draw a straight line a "transect" from the northwest corner to the southeast corner of the topographic map in our lab kit; then we could draw in the topographic profile along this transect by using the contour line information on the map as done on page In the same way, such a transect could also show the inferred profile of the geology underfoot -- the expected rock layers and structures beneath the land from the northwest corner to the southeast corner of the map.

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Take a look at the geologic cross-section below. You can open a larger version of this diagram by clicking on it.

Notice that the various sedimentary layers have been labeled with letters. Also an igneous intrusion is present labeled T and a fault is present labeled A. All 13 lettered events need to be included in your sequence.

Include all the events which can be inferred from the drawing. List which relative dating principles apply to the order of.

Relative Dating Worksheet. Principles of Geology: • Law of Superposition: The youngest layer of rock is on the top. The oldest layer of rock is on the bottom. Fossils have been used to date rocks as they are time markers – many species lived at a particular time and later became extinct. As you saw from (1) above, the .

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