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How to make date paste for maamoul

How to make date paste for maamoul

It is a delicate and sweet Middle Eastern semolina cookie filled with dates, pistachios, or walnuts.

Maamoul is a delicious traditional Middle Eastern cookie that is typically made on religious holidays. Lebanese Christians prepare the dough on ‪Good Friday.

It can also be made with white flour instead of semolina. Mamoul with pistachios filling Ingredients Semolina, sugar, butter ghee, rose water, orange flower water, yeast, and either dates, pistachios, or walnuts, depending on the filling chosen. Characteristics Mamoul are usually formed in the shape of balls or domes and filled with dates, pistachios, or walnuts, and topped with powder sugar.

How to make date paste for maamoul

It is also rarely filled with almonds or figs. In order to differentiate between the three fillings, each type is molded into a different shape. The walnuts filled version is customarily shaped in the form of a dome with a rounded top, while dates filled one takes the form of a dome with a flat top.

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The pistachios filled cookie, on the other hand, has a relatively elongated oval shape. This nuts filled cookie is commonly found in three sizes: small bite sized pieces, medium size, and large size.

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The bite size version is often consumed with coffee or tea whereas the medium and large size is served as a dessert. Because they is relatively easy to make, these Middle Eastern cookies are often prepared and baked at home.

First the semolina dough and the filling dates, pistachios, or walnuts are prepared.

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Next, the dough is cut into pieces of the desired size and filled with the filling of choice then shaped using a wooden mold and baked. Preparation of the Dough The dough is made of semolina, butter ghee, yeast, rose water, and orange flower water.

First, semolina and butter ghee are mixed together and left to rest for about twelve hours.

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Yeast, rose water, and orange flower water are then added and mixed to form the ready dough. Preparation of the Filling Traditionally, Mamoul is filled with pistachios, walnuts, or dates. For pistachios or walnuts fillings, the nuts are grounded, whereas for dates filling, a date paste is used.

You can make maamoul dough with all-purpose flour, but many recipes 13 ounces pitted dates, puréed, or date paste (aka “baking dates”). You can make maamoul dough with all-purpose flour, but many recipes 13 ounces pitted dates, puréed, or date paste (aka “baking dates”). The dough and the date filling have no added sugar. 1 teaspoon of rose or orange blossom for the date paste if needed (to give extra. The brand of date paste I show pictured above (Onaizah Dates Speaking of grinding dates yourself, I have to warn you, this next set of. We used coconut oil instead of butter to make these maamoul vegan. We really wanted to recreate her Maamoul (nut and date filled semolina cookies), which.

Sugar and sugar syrup are added and mixed with the nuts or dates to form the filling paste. Preparation of Maamoul Balls Small pieces of the dough are cut, the desired filling is put on the dough, and the dough is closed around the filling to form a ball of dough filled with pistachios, walnuts, or dates. The filled dough balls are then put inside a mold to take a particular shape and are left to rest for about an hour.

Baking The filled dough balls are placed on a baking sheet and baked for about eight minutes on high temperature.

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In Middle Eastern countries, these cookies are a must have dessert during holidays as well as during the month of Ramadan. Classification Mamoul is a Middle Eastern cookie.

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