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Student speed dating exercises

Student speed dating exercises

Undergraduate Student Bridgewater College, Virginia At the beginning of the semester, there was not much participation in class.

The activity used is a variation on the popular practice of speed dating. In this exercise, students "speed date" each other to practice role plays. Speed Dating using Prefer and Comparatives, ESL worksheets Students first read about 'speed dating', then they must match the paragraph titles with the.

But by the end, almost everyone had something constructive to add every day. I appreciated being able to hear and express the full depth of our own context before delving into a discussion about first-generation immigrants. Undergraduate Student Gordon College, Massachusetts This was probably the most profound workshop that we ever brought to campus. It offered a really unique foundation in personal insight.

She encouraged them to present new ideas. Dialogue helped create an environment that really deepened the understanding of the material.

Undergraduate Student Southern Methodist University, Texas I feel more comfortable participating in class and less defensive when other students disagree. And because I learned more from my fellow students about their views, I now feel less competitive with them than in other classes.

Get to know each other Ice Breakers - Speed Dating #113

Undergraduate Student Bridgewater College, Virginia I started to trust everyone in the class—I felt heard and I felt that people wanted to listen. The Essential Partners training was worth every penny.

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Talking about our own thoughts and experiences in relation to the topic also challenged us to think about our own views and articulate them more clearly. The Essential Partners process has given me the power to be heard and be seen.

People walked away feeling much more confident about having difficult conversations. A next step would be for us to help students employ some of these methods themselves.

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The staff not only gained skills in communication but also left feeling supported by each other in the work that we do. No one felt judged or uncomfortable talking to one another.

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These have been, by far, the best classroom discussions I have ever had. Undergraduate Student Bridgewater College, Virginia After using this approach in my classroom, I am now more willing, and more able, to engage students in meaningful conversations about potentially contentious issues. Whereas I used to nod toward things like homosexuality in religious life, interfaith marriage, or the role of government in reproduction, now I build these conversations into the class so students can learn to speak about their experiences, and so they learn to listen and learn from those with whom they student speed dating exercises disagree.

I think that this training will help me not only in my duties as a resident assistant, but in discussing medications and therapies with future patients when the conversation becomes difficult. Undergraduate Student Northeastern University, MA The most significant thing for me was learning how to ask for more information rather than trying to persuade a person to think differently.

Student speed dating exercises, using the "speed dating" model to enhance student learning

I also learned helpful dialogue tips, which are more effective during difficult conversations. If I encounter a difficult dialogue with any of my residents, I plan on using the techniques I learned in this workshop to facilitate those talks. Undergraduate Student Northeastern University, MA We tackled really difficult topics and this helped everyone know each other and understand each person's individual perspective.

Student speed dating exercises

Over the course of the semester, I became much more comfortable engaging with my classmates—specifically because of the peer dialogue groups. Undergraduate Student Bridgewater College, Virginia I notice that my classmates take much more care when speaking about people who practice other religions.

Undergraduate Student Bridgewater College, Virginia Essential Partners' process gives student speed dating exercises the space to be intellectually curious and to engage with others on important issues in a way that also benefits their own understanding of what they believe.

Elizabeth Zehl, Undergraduate Student Randolph College VA I have learned how to not be offended and to be better prepared to receive other people's communication.

You don't have to agree, but you can respect the other person. Lauren Barthold, Philosophy Faculty.

Speed Dating: Teaching Strategy for the Classroom

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