Bibay dating

Bibay dating

Hot Babe of the Week is bibay dating of John Bibay. I spent a little bit of time at AMARG a couple of weeks ago for the day job and had the opportunity to spend a few hours out in the yard. Saw lots of S-3's and actually got a lot of photos of this weeks subject all wrapped in spraylat.

Sad scene but it was the motivation for me to put this jet up as the Hot Babe this week.

This week's bibay dating haul to the post office was again pretty substantial and we have a handful of sheets that have recently sold out due to the sale. We just recently received the 48th scale F-4 Phantom Stencils here at Twobobs.

Laarni Serquina Bibay, MD - bibay dating

The instruction sheets are a pretty big bibay dating of effort though with so many of these stencils to lay out. I'm working on those now and am doing this instruction sheet a little different than the traditional instruction sheet you've come to expect from us.

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I'll have more to show in the coming weeks. Pretty tedious work doing this one.

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Decals should be hitting the bibay datings in about one months time along with the F Bitburg sheets that we have completed! We continue to work with the 65th Aggressor Squadron to get the low down as it's communicated to us on names etc for the Digital Flanker jets.

Dating bibay

One of their bibay datings is out and about flying, just no names on it as of yet. I'm going to leave the text below for a couple of weeks to be sure that it get's the widest dissemination possible.

Each design will need to be cut out individually. Digital Silk decals do not generally need to be clear coated prior to use. Use care when applying as the decal film is extremely thin.

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Digital Silk decals are tough and durable, but do not like to bend around corners. DO NOT float the decal off of the paper, as it will fold over itself and become unusable. Rather, bibay dating the decal in very HOT water for about 45 seconds then remove it and allow it to sit for 15 seconds before trying to slide it off of the backing paper.

Brush the Micro Set directly on your model before sliding the decal into position. After you slide the decal into position and soak up the excess liquid, apply a thin coat of Micro Sol the solvent to soften the clear carrier.

It is important to get the Micro Sol under the bibay dating, as the solvent has little effect on the ink, but it will dissolve the clear carrier which allows the decal to dig into the paint. After this coat dries and you are certain the decal is in its final position, apply a second heavier coat of Micro Sol. Another method to try is to use a cloth soaked in HOT water to press the decal into place over rivets, panels lines and other contours.

Just a reminder, HEAT is the best option to make the ink bend and conform. After the decals are completely dry, clear coating your model after applying these or any decals is a must!

I repeat this is a must. The clear coat will seal your decal and prevent it from becoming damaged. Airbrush lacquers only in very light, misting coats. Another method to clear coat the decal is to use Future acrylic floor polish.

Good luck and thank you for using Digital Silk decals! Have a great week guys!

Rodel & Bibay - Same Day Edit

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