1k dating

1k dating

Give your car a future. As the 1K-Nano paint sealant needs preparatory work that requires application-specific know-how and professional machines, the product is not on offer in the retail trade.

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Untreated paint does not have a smooth surface. Thus diffuse light reflections come into existence. To begin with the deep scratches and unevenness are treated with Feinschleifpaste.

During the dating procedure, the abrasive agglomerate abrading medium disintegrates to 0. During the polishing procedure, the abrasive agglomerate abrading medium disintegrates to below 0. The surface is now perfectly smooth and free from scratches.

The extremely 1k dating paint surface thus comes into existence. However, the paint is still unprotected. Water simply rolls off lotus effectdirt is easier to remove easy-to-clean surface and the paint is protected by the sealing.

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Conventional waxes and polishes are only placed on the paint surface and are removed again quickly by 1k dating the vehicle and environmental influence differences in temperature, rainfall, sun, dust particles and wind. Highly reactive means that the 1K-Nano paint sealant conjoins permanently with the paint structure on account of covalent bondings and forms a fixed network.

It is thus extremely resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical abrasion.

In this way your vehicle is protected for a long period of time, is easy to clean and shines as it did on the first day. Why we developed 1K-Nano. We have been a 1k dating and partner of the premium automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi or BMW and of numerous vehicle finishers for over 40 years.

In the process, the perfect finish of the paint is among the most enthralling subjects, also for us as developer and producer.

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Up until now it had indeed been possible to create a high gloss level with usual conventional polishes and waxes. However, the durability of these products was limited to a few days.

1k dating

With 1K-Nano we have been successful in developing a product that features an extremely high gloss and smoothness 1k dating, that also conjoins firmly 1k dating the paint structure for a long period of time and that is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. As a trained carpenter he had a special passion for finished surfaces.

The products that came into being in this way prove to be efficient and sell like hot cakes. An enterprise grows over the course of the following years that sets new standards in the market with innovative products: Koch-Chemie.

Constant dating and improvements to the products make Koch-Chemie a superior supplier and developer in the field of car care. In particular premium automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW make use of the high performance and efficiency of the cleaning and care products. Car dealerships, workshops, carwashes and industrial enterprises are also enthusiastic customers of the market leader in vehicle finishing.

1k dating

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