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Why date a fit girl

Why date a fit girl

Should You Date a Fit Chick? Pros. Never Short on Food. Fit people always need their food on time. If you're dating a health-conscious girl, you. Guys, if you are thinking about dabbling in the art of dating an athletic or “fit” girl, consider this a MUST read. You're welcome. Today we are.

By Ashley Fern Mar 20, There is a strange misconception girls who lift weights are bulky body builders; in reality, that's not the case -- at least not most of the time. Women who tend to drift to the weight area of a gym understand healthy is the new skinny and everyone looks better with some bulk.

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I mean, anyone can be skinny and hit the treadmill for hours on end, but a girl who lifts understands the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle. And doesn't that say a lot about priorities?

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Why does a girl who lifts make an excellent life partner? She knows what it means to spot and rely on someone There's no need to break down walls when it comes to this relationship. She understands how important it is to be why date a fit girl and vulnerable. There are no ridiculous emotional barriers you must work on getting through, you both know there are much more important aspects to focus on.

You can count on her to lift you up when times are tough. And the key to a healthy relationship?

Not making a mountain out of a molehill. She can always go for another round A girl who lifts knows no boundaries; in fact, the more rounds for her, the better.

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She doesn't mind being a little sore All being sore means is that you had an incredible workout. Now who would complain about that?

She isn't scared of a little extra pain She's not the type to cut and run when things get a little tough. She knows just what she's capable of and will never settle. They understand being fit is a lifestyle, not a crash diet.

She raises the bar This girl literally and figuratively will always rise above the rest. She isn't afraid to carry her own weight and yours It's beyond difficult to find a girl who can not only handle her own issues, but another person's as well.

Her strength is multifaceted She is physically and emotionally strong, which is quite the combination when it comes to relationships. She knows what true commitment is Is there anything better in a relationship than real and true commitment?

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If a girl can be this dedicated to her body, just imagine how dedicated she'd be to you. She doesn't have a problem trimming the fat It says a lot about a person who keeps company out of convenience or guilt.

Why date a fit girl

While some girls are insecure about their chests, this girl is just working on straightening hers. She isn't intimidated by anything Do you know how many girls are too afraid to trek over to the male-populated weight section of the gym?

She can hold her own She doesn't need to lean on you when she has a problem, she handles it all by her damn self. She defies stereotypes Why date a girl who's just like the rest when you can have someone unique by your why date a fit girl A girl who lifts doesn't care about fitting in a traditional mold; she carries herself the best way she sees fit, yes pun intended. She's always down to curl up with you And, at the end of the day, isn't that exactly what you both want?

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