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What is Java Auto Update? How do I change notify settings? How does automatic update work? Java Update is a feature that keeps your Windows computer up-to-date with the latest Java releases. When you have auto update enabled, your system periodically checks for new versions of Java.

When a new version is found we ask your permission to upgrade your Java installation. You can schedule how often to check for updatesor check manually at any time. How do I change how often I am notified about new Java versions? Change the update schedule through the Advanced settings of the Update tab.

Typically, you will be notified of the update within a week of its release.

Why shouldn't I disable the notifications? By enabling your system to check for the latest version, you keep your system secure with the latest patch updates. We strongly recommend that you do not disable the update feature.

Instead, change preferences for how often you'd like to be notified of newer versions. The default setting is to notify on a weekly basis.

How do I configure my system to automatically download newer Java versions? How do I install the update?

When you are notified of a newer version, click on the notification message to start the update process. The Java Auto Updater program known as jucheck. It is installed as part of the Java installation does not automatically install Java.

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It will present you with the option to install the latest Java version Until the update is completed, this process will remind you that a newer secure version is available for your system. You should leave this process running in order to ensure getting the latest secure Java version.

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Why am I notified each time I restart my computer? Starting with Windows Vista and later versions, when you restart your system, the Windows process jucheck. Why can't I change the Update settings? The ability to make changes to the Update tab may not be enabled if you are not logged in as administrator or if your network administrator has disabled that feature during installation. Why is the Update tab missing from the Java Control Panel?

Java Auto Update is not available for bit versions of Java prior to Java 8. Starting with Java 8 Update 20, the Update tab in the Java Control Panel enables users to automatically update bit JREs in addition to bit versions that are installed on their system. Why aren't my update settings saved? See Java update settings are not saved in the Java control panel for more information and a workaround.

Does updating from Java 6 to Java 7 remove any previous versions?

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Yes, updating to Java 7, using Auto Update or updating through the Java Control Panel, will remove the highest version of Java 6 installed. Java 6 has reached its End of Public Updates, which means there will be no further public secure updates for Java 6.

It is recommended that Java 6 be removed from your computer to make it more secure.

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