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Chinese girl dating american guy

Chinese girl dating american guy

She became the first Chinese woman to marry a western man after the founding of the People's Republic of China in Since then, Chinese women dating western men has gradually become a frequent phenomenon in China. Zhang Ziyi and her ex boyfriend Vivi Nevo.

Generally speaking, western men have some advantages in Chinese women's eyes, such as the idea that Western men are usually tall and strong, and that most of them like sports. They supposedly pay attention to their appearance, like clothing and hair style. They supposedly shower and change their underwear every day. They are supposedly very considerate to women, very capable of being romantic, and they are supposedly good in bed.

Western men are thought to be well-educated, easy-going, humorous, polite, confident and independent. They are thought to attach great importance to their own rights while respecting other people's privacy and choices, they value quality of life and they have many hobbies.

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A scholar from Beijing said that Chinese women who love foreign men, especially European and American men, reflect a mentality typical of people from a weak country. Just like Japanese women, who were once proud of marrying men from the United States, which defeated Japan during World War II, some Chinese women worship the national strength of western countries and believe that all western guys are rich.

Little do they know that this is a terrible misunderstanding of the situation. There are successful cross-border marriages. However, if one marries someone just for fortune, one's life could easily turn into a tragedy.

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Some Chinese women date western men just because they want a taste of excitement and want to enjoy the experience of dating a foreign man. Some just want to practice their spoken English.

And there are always a number of women attracted by western men's money, said Robin, a man who works in a state-owned enterprise in southern China's Shenzhen City. While it comes to marriage, most of them chinese girl dating american guy rationally choose Chinese men eventually," Robin continued. A married Chinese woman who had dated white men before said that white men are better in bed, that they have a good sense of humor, and that they will sweet-talk girls when dating.

But she emphasized that while it is easy to like a white man, it is hard to love him. And once you get married to a white man, everything changes in a bad way.

There are many principles that help people with this process. This simply means that sediments are usually based in horizontal layers.

A young Chinese man who works in the embassy area in Beijing said that some Chinese girls date foreign men only to get out of China some day, or perhaps to show off, "otherwise I don't understand why a Chinese girl is hurling herself at a foreign loser.

Some foreigners who stay in China are actually losers in their own countries," he argued. A middle-aged Chinese man said that western guys are more tolerant, and they won't feel strongly about marrying a woman who is not a virgin.

And unlike Chinese men, they are willing to marry divorced women. A Korean-American man said that it is either because western men are different from Chinese men, or because they think differently, or both.

Lilac wants to date a “little puppy,” because, as she puts it, he would be “the exact opposite of the guys around me, including my boyfriend.”. Find Asian Women: Live Chat; EMF Mail; Instant Call; Admirer Mail; Video Show; Profiles and Photos; More Than + Girls Online; Free Registration. Login. Chinese New Year Many women will be considered 'leftover' But Debbie also believes that Asian American women are paying a price.

The other case is that Chinese women might like the way western men think, as opposed to how Chinese culture is. For example, women from the Chinese mainland are in general relatively poor, and they long for the prosperous life of the upper-middle class in the United States.

Chinese girl dating american guy

Believing that the "American Dream" is based on money and material, they would like to turn to the "rich" white men, because marrying a white man is the lowest threshold for migration. Because women from Hong Kong and Taiwan are relatively more affluent and better-educated, they are less likely to want to achieve their economic goals through an interracial marriage.

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