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What is double dutch dating

What is double dutch dating

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No matter which DoubleDutch product you're using, you can easily switch between the three tabs. The Home Tab The Home tab is your destination to get a high-level view of your events and license usage. Events: the total number of your events across the Mobile App.

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Registrants: the total number of individuals that have registered for your events through DoubleDutch's Event Registration. Attendees: the total number of attendees uploaded to the CMS out of the total number for the current subscription year. Mobile Apps: the number of published apps in use. Subscription Year End Date: the date when your current subscription year ends.

I want to Love again and in venture be loved too, having someone I call my better half I am a bit of a dinosaur but enjoy the simple things in life. I do though broke days and going to sporting events. Seeking a safe who is simple, relaxed and seeking a long term relationship I am very sporty in nature.

When the entire contract has expired, this tile will say: "Subscription Ended". If you are associated with multiple accounts with DoubleDutch you will notice a drop-down button in the top right that will allow you to view info by account.

If your attendee count is running low, you will notice that the bar next to "Attendees" will change from green to yellow to red.

At any time, you can add more attendee licenses to your account by clicking on 'Add Licenses'. This will send an email to your Account Manager.

Events Tiles The Events Tiles shows information about each one of your events associated with your account.

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